CTP Systems
iCtP PlateWriter 4200 - Computer-to-Metal
1 - 4 Up CHEMISTRY FREE Platesetter

Max Plate Size: 28" W x 36" L

Guages: 6, 8 & 12

Plate Type: Uncoated grained & anodized aluminum plate, optimized for iCtP

5-15 plates / hour (resolution dependent)

Includes Xitron Harlequin Rip installed on PC Rip Station and Platesetter.

No Plate Processor Needed!
Press-ready aluminium plates - No Chemical Processing

The PlateWriter™4200 is the industry’s first inkjet Computer-to-Plate system capable of producing press-ready aluminum plates without the use of chemical processing. The PlateWriter™4200 inkjet Computer-to-Plate system is an innovative technology that sets new standards in the cost, flexibility and speed of offset printing for small to medium format printing.

Affordability – Significantly lower investment than the cost of current, laser-based plate imaging systems at less than $35,000 including all software and hardware RIPs

Ease-of-use –  Operates in daylight conditions; no pressroom changes are required to plate clamping or press chemistries

Reduces plate production costs – The cost per plate is less than the cost of conventional metal platemaking methods

Environmentally friendly – No disposal of processing chemicals into the waste stream eliminating disposal costs

High quality output – FM or stochastic screening capable of emulating 175 conventional line screening

Flexibility – Any plate size in 2- or 4-up formats, wide range of thicknesses from .005” to .12”

PYTHON - Computer-to-Metal
1 - 4 Up VIOLET Platesetter

Max Plate Size: 24-7/32" W x 29-11/32" L

Guages: 6, 8 & 12

Plate Type: Silver & Photopolymer Violet
Yellow Safe Light Required.

20-25 plates / hour (resolution dependent)

Includes Torrent (Harlequin) Rip installed on PC Rip Station and Platesetter.

Plate Processor Not Included in this Price.
Features and Benefits of the Python

Quality – Python's imaging quality is superb. Its precise optical system is capable of imaging with a screening resolution over 200 lpi giving excellent results on plate.

Speed – Python's high speed spinner is designed for fast imaging. Combined with easy plate handling Python can output up to 25 plates per hour, including plate loading/unloading time.

Reliability and Accuracy – Python uses a high precision internal drum and violet laser technology - a combination proven to give the most reliable and consistently accurate imaging on metal plate.

Affordable Performance – Python's low cost of ownership and competitive return on investment lets you benefit from one of the most affordable CtP systems on the market.

Ease of Use – Python's design philosophy makes platemaking easy -it's so simple that virtually anyone can use the system to produce plates quickly and reliably.

Versatility – Python images plates varying in size from 745 x 615 mm down to 335 x 400 mm, giving you a wide range of job sizes and formats. For maximum flexibility in the press-room, the plates are punched after imaging, using the specific press punch.

Flexibility – Python is capable of imaging all silver and photopolymer violet plates currently on the market, to give you a wide range of plate options now and into the future.

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