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Student exchange program with Dongshin University – Korea: Two students of HTT International Language Faculty are eligible to participate in the program and fly to Korea

Chương trình trao đổi sinh viên với ĐH Dongshin - Hàn Quốc: Hai sinh viên Khoa Ngôn ngữ quốc tế HTT đủ điều kiện tham gia chương trình và bay sang Hàn Quốc

Yesterday, two students from the Faculty of International Languages ​​HTT, after a very arduous process, officially flew to Korea – the land of Kim Chi to continue their study path according to the training process of the “Exchange” program. students with Dongshin University – Korea”. Students from Faculty of International Languages ​​officially flew to Korea […]

Cooperation between HTT and Dongshin University: Bright future for students

Dongshin University, established in 1987, located in Naju city, South Korea, is a general university in the top 100 best universities in Korea  with many affiliated specialized universities, training students. High-quality specializes in four areas which include culture and tourism, health and welfare, technology-biological, and energy fields. Currently, Dongshin University has 06 member universities: University […]

Associate Degree of Languages

OVERVIEW Mission : Is the vital sectors in the field of humanities and linguistics with the task of training bachelors in Linguistics with 2 majors of English and Korean to serve the needs of international integration of our country Training goals : The Faculty of Foreign Language aims to simultaneously provide both specialized knowledge and […]

Associate Degree In Hospitality And Tourism Management

OVERVIEW Mission : To create high-quality human resource to serve industry in Tourism and Hotel – Restaurant with standard output suitable for international requirement Training goals : Student in Faculty of Tourism and Hotel management are trained with specialized knowledge about enterprise management, how to make business plan, know how to organize business activities and create […]

Associate Degree of Business (Economics and Finance)

OVERVIEW Mission :As the key training field of the college, Faculty of Economics & Finance have to train student with 6 fields: Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, Finance-Banking, Legal Services and Logistics. Training goals : As a sector associated with the development of the college, and also pláy an important role in economy, Faculty of Economics […]

Associate Degree of Technology And Engineering

OVERVIEW Mission: To create high-quality human resource to serve industry with many fields: Construction, Architecture, Mechanical engineering, Electric-Electronic and high-technology fields such as Informations, Automobile engineering. With suitable equiments, we focus on high-quality training model according to enterprise demand Training goals: Student in Faculty of Technology are trained under the standard program of Ministry of […]

International Cooperation

With the trend of international integration and orientation for improving the quality of output according to the global standards, the college consider international relations as the focus in the development strategy. With the long experience and long-standing relationships with international training organizations, the college has gradually developed programs of training cooperation, studying abroad and finding […]

Health Care

OVERVIEW Mission: Health care faculty has 3 fields are Pharmacy, Nursing and Physicians, is the main faculty of the college in the development strategy, with the mission of training skilled health professionals, and providing human resources for hospitals, health facilities in the country and foreign labor markets: Germany, Japan… With well-equipped equipment and highly practical […]

Graduation project defense ceremony for students of 11th Course in Information Technology

On the afternoon of December 3, 2020, Hanoi College of Technology and Trading, Faculty of Information Technology held the second graduation project defense ceremony for students of Course 11 in Information Technology. Graduation Project Defense Ceremony – Information Technology K11 (Phase 2) Attending the ceremony, there were Mr. Doan Minh Duc – Vice Rector, Dean […]

Conference of Vocational Educators 2021

chơi bài tiến lên miền nam
 tổ chức Hội giảng nhà giáo giáo dục nghề nghiệp năm 2021

Implement the work plan in 2021, in order to improve professional work through which there is exchange, assessment, fostering and replication of TVET examples; promote the emulation movement “Teaching well – Studying well” in schools; exchange and exchange experiences on teaching, encourage and motivate teachers and lecturers to study and practice to improve their professional […]

Graduation project defense ceremony for students of Course 11 majoring in Refrigeration

On December 21, 2020, Hanoi College of Technology and Trading, Faculty of Electrical – Electronics – Refrigeration held a graduation project defense ceremony for students of Course 11 majoring in Refrigeration. Graduation Project Defense Ceremony – Refrigeration Engineering Course 11 Attending the ceremony, were Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sang – Principal of the College; Mr. Tran […]

Specialized Class – Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management

The growing development of the Tourism, Culinary and Restaurant-Hotel industries in our country has led to the strong development of the Food Processing Technology and Hotel Management industries, which is considered one of the most important industries in the world. “brilliant” is interested and chosen by many young people. For that reason, HTT has researched […]

HTT Students in “Japanese Skills” Program

sinh viên trúng tuyển chương trình Thực tập sinh nhật bản

After completing the study program at the school, with the orientation to continue to Japan to work, study and experience, 2 of you registered to participate in the “Japanese Skills” program organized by the University and the Company. Esuhai coordinated the organization. Through the process of studying and training at the center, 2 of you […]